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We offer a time-saving seal-management for everyone responsible in logistics or food defense commissioners according to IFS version 6 and BRC version 7. A combination of iOS device, security seals and our app guarantees you on a high level an end-to-end supply chain documentation according to IFS Food Defense version 6 regulations. Sabotage, bio-terrorism and adulterations of food can be prevented or become clearly visible. Even the protection of your piece goods against bio-terrorism can be ensured during transportation.

Our Products


The large security seal, with high safty features, for pallets, barrels and general cargo.



The chain of custody tracking app to organize all your security seals with QR- or barcode.



The security seal that fits all your needs! It is the perfect solution for sealing trucks, container or barrels.


Reasons to Use

It is not only about seals, it is a great total security solution.

App download

Download the free +Seal Manager App directly on the AppStore and start broadly documenting your shipment!

Order seals

Order the +Seal Manager General-Cargo-Seal or Universal-Seal in our online shop! Now you get 8 seals for free to test them!


Mode of Operation

+Seal Manager concept of function

Outgoing Goods

  1. Seal your outgoing goods with the +Seal Manager Universal Seal (e.g. container, trucks or barrels) or with the +Seal Manager General Cargo Seal (e.g. piece goods)

  2. Use the +Seal Manager App to enter all relevant informations about your cargo and scan in all seals

  3. The app generates a PDF-protocol with date/time/location of the sealing process and documents all seals with seal number and photo

  4. The app sends a mail with an encoded sphc-file, in order to enable the recipient to document the comparison of data between outgoing and incoming goods

Incoming Goods

  1. Import the sphc-file from your supplier into the +Seal Manager App

  2. Check/enter all relevant information about your incoming cargo and scan in all seals

  3. The app generates a PDF-protocol with date/time/location of the scanning process and documents all seals with seal number and photo

  4. On the protocol you can see if seals are missing or new, so sabotage, bio-terrorism and adulterations becomes clearly visible


Save Money and Time - Gain Security and Trust

This IFS-Food defense- suitable security seal was developed in order to protect piece goods and single pallets from mischievous manipulation. The security seal is stuck to the pallet wrapped in foil in such a way that it cannot be removed unnoticed. It is composed of security features usually found on bank notes. It has a large hologram-strip as copy protection and a security area, which changes its color when being shone on with a specific light. Both ensure that the seal cannot be forged or simply reproduced. Furthermore, the seal depicts a continuous 12-digit number, which is assigned only once. Thus, each seal is unique. In addition, the seal contains several predetermined breaking points, which prevent a nondestructive removal of the seal. This makes it impossible to re-use the seal.

The unique number of the security seal is printed in large-scale on the seal in form of a QR-code. This has the advantage that the seal can be scanned by a device, even from some distance. With the help of an iPhone or an iPod Touch and the +Seal Manager App, the numbers of the security seals can be scanned on outgoing goods and be documented as reference for the recipient. Right at the delivery of the goods, the seals on the incoming goods can be scanned again at which point there is an automatic comparison of the „outgoing-numbers“ and the „incoming-numbers“. The result is documented in a standard-protocol, deviations are pointed out and forwarded automatically to the person in charge (according to the preset of the email).


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Official Android Release of +Seal Manager V2.0

The android version of the +Seal Manager App is now available on the Google Play Store.

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+Seal Manager App v2.0

A new version of the +Seal Manager App is now available on the AppStore.

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+Seal Manager App v1.1

A new version of the +Seal Manager App is now available on the AppStore.

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NEW: +Seal Manager Universal-Seal

Our latest innovation is the +Seal Manager Universal-Seal which is unique because of its high security features such as its brother the +Seal Manager General-Cargo-Seal. It is possible to paste over almost every existing seal.

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New website design

After a long journey full of hard work our new website design is finally furnished. The adaption of our online shop makes ordering easier.
Enjoy ordering +Seal Manager seals!

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Visit at Schwarz Druck

Lately, we had a meeting with Helmut Eder of Schwarz Druck in Hausham, Germany. Schwarz Druck, one of the leading security printing companies worldwide, is the company that prints our +Seal Manager seals. We had the possibility to make a tour through the company. Also we had an informative talk with Mr. Eder.
Thank you in advance for further cooperation!

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Test the +Seal Manager App directly in your browser

For all of you who wants to get to know the +Seal Manager App, please feel free to play with the interactive version of the app.

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Download: +Seal Manager App Handbook V1.1

A new version of the +Seal Manager App Handbook is now available at the download area.

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Download: Food Defense checklist (self-assessment)

A Food Defense checklist, which is based on nonbinding recommendations of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and useful for self-assessment, is now available at the download area.

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Food Defense at the PLMA

At the 2015 show, nearly 1,300 companies from 40 countries, including 15 international pavilions, has been exhibiting their products. The talking point Food Defense has been on everyone's lips.

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+Seal Manager App goes online

Eagerly we awaited the result of the checkup of the app. Ready at last we got the ok.

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App submitted for validation

The app was successfully submitted to Apple. We are waiting for feedback.

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Customer Feedback

Dr. Klaus Hasenhütl visits IFS, BRC and ISO 22000 certified companies and introduces the app and the „+SealManager“ security seal to their food defense commissioner. Tests at Kropfitschmühle and Estyria lead to some customer-oriented adaptations of the app. At this point we would like to thank them for their positive criticism and valuable suggestions.

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Testing the App

Starting from iPhone 4 up to iPod Touch - all devices have to be tested regarding their compatibility, in order for the app to work trouble-free on all terminals.

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Printing our Security Seal

On the 30th of September 2014, Mr. Sebastian Peischl and Dr. Klaus Hasenhütl choose a design for their seal and award the contract to print to the registered and certified security printing company Schwarz Druck.

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Issuing the first catalog of goods and services

The first catalog of goods and services is being issued and the requirements rise by the day. From the initial idea to simply match seal numbers with an app and to document the process, evolves a service-oriented administrative program.

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Developing the Seal

Mr. Sebastian Peischl and Dr. Klaus Hasenhütl develop a security seal that should be able to be scanned easily and trouble-free, that’s clearly visible on piece goods and cannot be forged.

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An Idea is Born

After visiting a workshop about food defense, Mr. Sebastian Peischl and Dr. Klaus Hasenhütl are determined to realize the project „+Seal Manager“ together, which is meant to make it easier to economically implement the IFS version 6, chapter Food Defense. They envision an app that facilitates the management of numbers on diverse seals and of an ultimative security seal, which they decide to create.

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Workshop - Food Defense

On Thursday 21st November 2013 a creative workshop on the topic of food defense for piece goods took place in Graz. Participants were the product developer and designer DI (FH) Miltos Oliver Kountouras, Mag. Wolfgang Schabereiter as expert in the field of idea generation, Mag. Sabine Proßnegg as moderator and organizer of the workshop in the name of SFG, the product developer Klaus Hasenhütl, Mr. Helmuth Eder from the Schwarz Druck company as expert in the field of print and security seals, Mr. Herbert Kuwal production manager of Fa. Estyria and Mr. Günther Rinderhofer as expert on purchase and logistics of Fa. Estyria.

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Please note: If you have questions concerning the app, there is a detailed description at the download section.

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