iPhone with +Seal Manager App in hand

The app to organize
your seal numbers.

iPhone with +Seal Manager App

Are you looking for a feasible solution for the implementation of food defense requirements?

A combination of your iPhone or iPod Touch, +Seal Manager Seals and the +Seal Manager App guarantees an end-to-end documentation of the supply chain pursuant with the IFS Food Defense requirements.

Starting with your mailable palette up to your customer taking your goods into charge, our app has the potential to prevent and reveal any mischievous manipulation concerning your products.



Despite the fact that the +Seal Manager App is a cost-effective and user-friendly way of documenting your seals, there is not registration needed. The basis version of the app is for free. It can be easily installed on every iOS device

Container, Truck & General Cargo

With the +Seal Manager App the user can manage security seal of containers, barrels, truck, general cargo and piece of good which have a seal on it. The app can document up to 40 seal per protocol.

Internet Connection

The app also works without permanent internet connection. Data and protocol shipping is effected, as soon as an internet connection is provided (example given: no Wifi in the warehouse, but enough Wifi back in the office).

Latest Technology

The app uses latest state of the art technology in order to track GPS locations and scan every common 1D and 2D barcode. The system offers the same benefits as RFID but without the infrastructure costs.

Advanced Protocol Generation

The +Seal Manager App generates protocols with well advanced information such as GPS information with Google Maps pictures and seal information with seal photos, seal types, scan tries, seal names and much more.

Secure Data Transfer & Storage

Your data and protocols will be sent via email. You can smoothly use your existing email account. Therefore, an unintended storage on other servers will be prohibited. Your projects and personal settings (e.g. seals, customer/supplier) will be only stored on your device. There is no data storage on a server or similar.

Chain of Custody Tracking

The +Seal Manager App is a chain of custody tracking application which is extremely easy to use. It documents all the relevant information such as GPS information, time, seal number and seal photo of your incoming and outgoing goods.

Custom Protocol Templates

The user is able to create their own, individual protocol templates with the exact amount of information that is needed to generate a seal protocol that fits the user´s needs. Also the structure, language, wording and branding can be decided by the user.
(coming soon)

Custom Seal Pattern

The +Seal Manager App support custom seal pattern. That means the user can define a pattern for a seal number and all seal specific information are visible on the protocol. For example all seals with a number starting with ‚1234‘ are red and from type ‚PSM-12‘.
(coming soon)

Encoded Data

Data you send to your client are backed up in SPHC-file which was especially created for the +Seal Manager App. The sent data is protected from manipulation.

Protocol/Scan History

The app stores your last 60 incoming and outgoing projects, so user is able to generate every protocol multiple times and with different protocol templates. These projects are only stored locally and not on an external server!


+Seal Manager App screenshot

A more detailed instruction can be found in our download section!


The +Seal Manager App supports every common seal with a 1D or 2D barcode:

1D UPC-E, Code-39, Code-39 mod 43, EAN-13, EAN-8, Code-93, Code-128, Interleaved 2 of 5, ITF14

2D PDF417, QR, Aztec, Data Matrix

app security seal compatibility


Safe payment via Apple (iOS) or Google (Android)
Every subscription has to be activated as in-app-purchase
No automatic subscription renewal


€0 /Month

  • unlimited protocol generation1)
  • truck/container seal management


€22,99 /Month

  • unlimited protocol generation
  • truck/container seal management
  • general cargo (piece goods) seal management
  • up to 40 seals
  • organize your supplier & customer
  • project history
  • up to 10 devices on iOS2)


€15,83 /Month

annual payment of €189,99

  • unlimited protocol generation
  • truck/container seal management
  • general cargo (piece goods) seal management
  • up to 40 seals
  • organize your supplier & customer
  • project history
  • up to 10 devices on iOS2)
  • custom protocol templates (coming soon)
  • seal pattern recognition (coming soon)

1)some protocol data is not fully readable

2)only with an Apple iCloud account

Try it!

Therefore, a free version of the +Seal Manager App can be downloaded. In addition, you can print a free seal-testside or order 8 pieces without charge.

Order free +Seal Manager Seals


For the consistend documentation between incoming and outgoing goods the +Seal Manager App generated respectively a pdf protocol.

The protocol of the outgoing goods documents the answers of the following questions:

Who? To Whom?
When? How many?
What? Problems?
Where? Seal information?
outgoing goods pdf protocol
outgoing goods pdf protocol

In the protocol of the outgoing goods there is a comparison between nominal condition and actual target.

Consequently, it can be shown whether the delivery has been sabotaged.

Durance? Problems?
New Seal Numbers? Missing Seal Numbers?
incoming goods pdf protocol
incoming goods pdf protocol

Download the demo-protocol in our download section!