+Seal Manager General-Cargo-Seal

The large security seal
for pallets, barrels and general cargo.

+Seal Manager General-Cargo-Seal


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+Seal Manager General-Cargo-Seal features

Sealing Process

Best Practice

+Seal Manager General Cargo Seal sealing process
1) Wrap the pallet with shrink wrap
2) Secure it with (red) tape (wrapped around the pallet once horizontal and once vertical)
3) Where the ends meet, secure the tape with a +Seal Manager General Cargo Seal
4) Number the pallets continuously in order to prevent you from scanning a seal twice

Technical Data

Version 001

Size: 105 mmm x 75 mm (8 pc. per 12,5" sheet)

Material: polypropylene, glossy white, permanently adherent

fluorescent security color - UV

Fluorescent Security Color - UV:

Size/Area: distinctive squares of the QR-code

Impact: The distinctive squares of the QR-code glow fluorescent in UV-light

predetermined breaking points

Predetermined Breaking Points:

Size/Area: 4 angular, debossed predetermined breaking points close to the edges

Impact: Prevent a nondestructive removal of the seal

fluorescent security color - laser

Fluorescent Security Color - Laser:

Size/Area: in the middle of the upper boarder

Impact: the yellow areas reflect a laser beam with a certain wave-length and change color

qr code


Size/Area: 41mm x 41mm

Impact: The unique, continuous, 12-digit, large-area QR-code allows for a smooth scan even from some distance (50-60cm); error-correction level M (15% of the data can be restored)



Size/Area: 4mm hologram strip on the bottom of the seal; „SP“ icons in silver with black logo „SPHC“ (repeated 3 times)

Impact: Copy Protection


The security seal is stuck to the wrapping-foil in such a manner that the foil cannot be removed unnoticed. The hologram is an effective copy protection, while the predetermined breaking points prevent a nondestructive removal and thus, a reuse of the seal. In addition, the security color that glows under fluorescent light in combination with the 12-digit, continuous number (depicted as QR-code) make the security seal unforgeable.

Why a QR-code?

QR-Code stands for „Quick Response Code“ and was developed by a Japanese company in 1994. It makes it possible to encode information in a way that it can be quickly decoded by a device. In contrast to the barcode, data can be encoded horizontally and vertically. Thus, the space available on the +Seal Manager Seal can be used optimally.

At +Seal Manager, we tested and compared both code versions: The QR-code is not only recognized much earlier by devices, but can also be scanned from a greater distance than a regular barcode.

The QR-code comprises an automatic error-correction and thus is also more resilient than a barcode. On the +Seal Manager Seal there is a QR-code with an error-correction level M, which means that 15% of the data can be restored.

Securing Pallets

photo spread

pallet wrapped with foil
1.) Wrap the pallet with foil
pallet secured with red tape
2.) Secure the pallet with (red) tape
pallet secured with red tape
3.) Right where the two ends of the tape meet …
pallet secured with red tape and the +Seal Manager Seal
... you stick the +Seal Manager Seal
pallets with security seal
4.) Number the pallets continuously
pallet with general cargo seal
5.) Scan all seals with the +Seal Manager App
security seal can not removed nondestructively
Seal cannot be removed nondestructively